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While promoting my book Quick Fix I hopped from one blog to another looking for tips, tools and links that could lead me to more sales.  My budget was extremely tight so I scoured google for all the freebies.

I did find some excellent posts that provided long lists of bloggers that provided free reviews or free promotions, but found that many of the links were broken or I was lead to a site where I had to dig around to find the right form.  I also could not find a blog that helped me limit my search to just the sites that catered to the genre of my book.

All the time spent finding the right information and sites was time consuming and got my ‘Developers Mind’ thinking.  What if I put all this info into a database so next time I needed it, its just a click or two away?  Better still, why don’t I share it with my peers so they too can spare their efforts and dedicate the time to what we all love most – writing.

And so Bookwormsandwriters.com was conceived.  I took the lists of free reviewers and free promoters and put them in a database where they can be searched by genre or promotion type.  I also added pricelists of virtual tours and processes where the sites members can request/offer free reviews to one another.

The site is still under construction and I plan to add a lot more functionality as time permits, but the main functionality is available for you if you would like to try it out.  I still need to add a lot more records to the existing reports but I think there is enough to get you started.

You can get to the site by clicking here

Let me know what you think and what should be added