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When I go onto Amazon to choose my next read. I will most often check out the reviews to help me decide if the book is worth the effort. I am unlikely to purchase a book that has no reviews or has too many bad ones.

So before my book is available for purchase I am trying to get as many reviews as possible but I am unwilling to pay for them. I want views that are honest and objective.

I found a fantastic post that provides links to over 200 blogs that review books for free. You can find the post here

Before you rush off you need to keep in mind that these people are busy and most have a waiting list so start early. If your book is accepted for review, it will take most readers 6 – 8 weeks to complete the review.

Here is a sample email I sent out that includes the information that most reviewers will require.

Good day,

I am seeking reviews for my book QUICK FIX that is on Amazon for pre-order.
Release date is on 29 May.

Title Author: Quick Fix – Rihanna Wilding
Genre: Womans Fiction – drama – crime
Word/page count: 80K word count
Paper copy or Ebook: e-book
Blurb: When small town girl Rihanna Wilding befriends Camilla Peterson, the bond becomes so tight that she would rather run away from home with her, than go back to being the freak that hides out in the school bathrooms.

Johannesburg, the city of gold, spreads before them with a promise of love and prosperity. Neither girl anticipates the nightmare that lurks within the shadows.
Within a week they plummet so deep into a maze of sex and drugs that the only way out of the saga will leave one guilty of murder and the other on death row.

Anything that might offend readers: Note: This book contains adult content

Please advise which format you prefer

Amazon Link : http://www.amazon.com/Quick-Fix-Rihanna-Wilding-ebook/dp/B00X1V6YXM/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1431358363&sr=1-1&keywords=Quick+Fix+Rihanna+Wilding

Good Reads Link : https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/25473802-quick-fix?ac=1

Thank you

Good luck with your search