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When I wrote Quick fix I used a Manuscript template for microsoft word. It was perfect for traditional publishers being double spaced etc, but it was wrong for an e book. Readers do not want to be spending too much time flipping pages on their Kindle, so first lesson I’ve learned is use single spacing because it’s a down-right nuisance changing the style afterwards and applying it to hundreds of pages.

Single spacing also saves you money as Amazon will take $0.15c for every MB of data transferred when your book is downloaded.

Once the manuscript was complete it had to be converted from a Microsoft Word format into a Kindle Format. I used the KDP website for this and it was easy enough. The problem was that after submitting, it takes around 12 hours before you can make any changes. So after previewing it and finding some error it was a long wait before i could go back and change it. To get around this, I downloaded Calibre a free e book converter that is really simple to use. I was then able to make all required changes and test them until I was happy before resubmitting to KDP.

KDP converts your book into a format that is essentially HTML. Once I realized this, it dawned on me that I could add links in the book to all my social media accounts. I could also put links at the end of the book to Goodreads and Amazon to encourage readers to add a review. I’ll write a separate blog on how to do this.

Final lesson, page sizes in Kindle are not the same as in word so I had to go back and change my Table of Contents to exclude page numbering.

I hope these tips will save you some time when you are ready with your e-book.