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Writing a good book is one thing, getting a following that convert to sales is a completely different kettle of fish.

These are the tools I have used to promote Quick Fix. Keeping in mind that I have started a month before the novel is released in order to build up hype

Twitter – @rihannawilding
– Create your account using your author name. This is so you have the same following for subsequent followers
– Tweet twice a day so as not to overwhealm your followers.
– Tweet early in the morning around 6h30am and again around 1h30
– Do not make every tweet about your book or you will loose followers
– See what is trending and add a tweet about your book using the trending hashtag, but make sure it ties in!
– Use Settings…analytics to see most engaging tweets and retweet
– it’s worth paying for the first 1000 followers using http://devumi.com

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/RihannaWilding
– Create an account under your author name
– Create a page for each book
– Use Facebook Poll to get users to choose which cover art they prefer for the cover
– Ask your friends to like the page
– Post interesting snippets of the book on a regular basis

LinkedIn – https://za.linkedin.com/pub/rihanna-wilding/b8/590/648
– Create your account and participate in groups
– Ask other authors if they are willing to read and give you a review

WordPress or other blog – rihannawilding.wordpress.com
– This is your bestfriend link twitter, facebook and linkedIn to your blog
– Write articles that will be interesting to your audience
– Ask audience to sign up for your newsletter so you can build up a mailing list

Email – rihanna.wilding@gmail.com
– Email is the one medium that is most likely to be read
– Do not overdo it or your readers will become bored and stop opening your mail

Amazon – amazon.com/author/rihannawilding
– Make sure you have created an Author Page on author central
– Be sure to share the link on facebook and twitter

Use all 5 days at once every 90 days for free promo this gives it a chance to build momentum
Link to opt in page to get buyers email list

Author Interviews and readings
– Contact radio stations, newspapers and bloggers and request review/interview