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Welcome to my blog.

If you are into human drama then you are in for a treat.  By visiting me you will get to rub shoulders with the characters of my novel Quick Fix.

Let me introduce you to a few

Camilla Patterson – 15 years old, red hair, big green eyes and a contagious laugh.  She’s my best friend.  We ran away as her parents planned to immigrate and we could not bare the thought of being apart.  She’s gay, but I’m not.

Eli Segev – 41 year old Israeli businessman.  He sorted out a counterfeit passport for us so we could stay in South Africa and I can run his elite gentleman’s club.  He says he’s falling in love with me but I don’t know if I can trust him.

Aggie Lancaster – Late 30’s aka Candy Man.  He’s given me an opportunity to make a heap of dosh really quickly.  It seems like a good idea as I think I’ve gotten myself in too deep and need a quick fix

Mama Madge – She’s old and been in the call girl business forever.  She’s not one to sugar coat words and I am quite intimidated by her.

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