So then, about me and this blog!  I live in Cape Town, South Africa.  I’m single and my friends calls me ‘The terminator’ because ‘I’ll be back’.  They got to this conclusion after I managed to survive being shot, a serious bout of malaria and a touch of cancer; fortunately I am in good health now.

I live a quiet life now, but every once in a while I get the urge to put on my ‘wilding’ shoes and step out of the norm.  I do this with my novels. When I was younger I had a drug dependency and knew some ‘pretty out there’ characters.  I use them to inspire the plots and characters.

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This blog has two sets of readers, those who want to mingle with the characters of my books, and those who write and are looking for useful tips for their journey. so decide which you are and select the category (again to you left) to see posts that might interest you.

Please be aware that my novel is for an adult audience as it includes explicit content and profanity

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